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With record speed, we are closing in on having not one, but two approved  COVID-19 vaccines. For many people, this may bring hope, whilst others have legitimate concerns about the speed of development and the new technology being used to create these vaccines.

It's flu season, but this year it's turning out to be a little bit different from usual. What is going on with influenza, and why are the numbers this year not what they normally are?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a data analysis tool that is capable of mimicking human behavior and applying advanced cognitive abilities to rationalize actions. AI can analyze large datasets and produce new information that can aid in understanding various diseases. Artificial Intelligence has...

Viruses are generally seen as bad things...they cause disease, after all.  These little parasites are a large threat to human health and to agriculture, and viral epidemics can cause large scale disruption.

Viruses are and have been a constant in human life and evolution, even since before we were what we would consider human. Thus, understanding how they evolve is an important part of infectious disease research, helping us predict how new viruses may change, mutate, and evolve, and potentially spot...

COVID-19 is a major and unprecedented situation. To help understand it, researchers are turning in many cases to comparisons with past pandemics, especially the "Spanish" influenza. What canthese past pandemics tell us about COVID-19 and what is likely to happen with it?

Public health officials are saying that increased testing for COVID-19 is key to reopening the economy while retaining control over the pandemic. However, testing levels are still suboptimal in many places. This is not because nobody wants to test, but rather because the logistics of ramping up...

Summer comes with a lot of joy: warm days, hiking and swimming, backyard family barbecues, and so much more. However, the season also brings a few inconveniences and dangers, including ticks. 

Malaria is an infectious disease that can be life-threatening if left untreated. Because it is an infectious disease, once agents enter the body, they grow and multiply. The disease is often transmitted when an infectedAnophelesmosquito bites a host. Infected mosquitoes can carryPlasmodium...

March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S. and is often lethal. There is as yet no magic cure for colorectal cancer, but there are a number of advances being made in both treatments and screening.