Most people have some Neanderthal DNA, with the percentage being negligible in Africa and highest in East Asian populations. Almost all Europeans also have some Neanderthal DNA, typically between 2 and 3%.

COVID-19 is a viral infection that emerged in 2019 and quickly became a global pandemic infecting millions of people. The lack of approved therapies for this disease means that doctors manage it through symptomatic treatment, implementing infection control, and providing supportive care. COVID-19...

With record speed, we are closing in on having not one, but two approved  COVID-19 vaccines. For many people, this may bring hope, whilst others have legitimate concerns about the speed of development and the new technology being used to create these vaccines.

It's flu season, but this year it's turning out to be a little bit different from usual. What is going on with influenza, and why are the numbers this year not what they normally are?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a data analysis tool that is capable of mimicking human behavior and applying advanced cognitive abilities to rationalize actions. AI can analyze large datasets and produce new information that can aid in understanding various diseases. Artificial Intelligence has...

COVID-19 is a major and unprecedented situation. To help understand it, researchers are turning in many cases to comparisons with past pandemics, especially the "Spanish" influenza. What canthese past pandemics tell us about COVID-19 and what is likely to happen with it?